Every Day in May

I’m not the best blogger in the world of blogs.  I blog when I want and don’t when I don’t.  Because sometimes I would rather sit and watch all 20 episodes of Game of Thrones on my computer (as I did all of last week!), then write a blog post.  (And also because I forget or I don’t know what to write about.)

I’m not the everyday kinda blogger by any means.  If you look at my archives you’ll see that.  There are some months were I post nearly every day and others when I post 3 or less.  So when I was reading one of my favorite blogs last night (Jenni from Story of My Life) and saw that she was challenging all of us to “Blog Every Day in May,” I knew I had to take her up on said challenge!

To welcome the month of May here is our first topic: 250 words.  I have tell the story of my life in 250 words.

Here we go.

(Photo is from May 2011)

I was born bright and early the morning of March 18th.  We lived in the exact same house, on the exact same street all my brother’s life.  I grew up going to school with the exact same friends all through elementary, middle and high school in Texas.  In high school I was your typical, run of the mill girl.  Cheerleading, drama, student council, softball, and dance consumed my life.  I had always thought the “thing to do” after high school was move away to college.  So I packed up and moved 8 hours away from home in West Texas to central Texas and became a Bobcat.  Orlando, FL has become my home after doing the Disney College Program and spending 5 years in college. I now work in Guest Relations at the most magical place on earth. I fully intend to teach one day, I just want to see how far I can get working for the mouse before I settle down with a classroom full of young minds just dying to be molded into our world’s future.  I’ve never been in love, but feel that it’s out there and when I find it, it will be the most magical thing in the world.  Reading, going to the movies, and afternoon tea are just a few of my favorite things.  Thankfully, my life is going pretty great right now.  I’m just doing what Jack Dawson once said we should all do, “trying to make each day count.” Best advice ever.

Well there ya have it.  A very condensed, yet broad story of my life.  I actually had to type this in Word first so I could get an accurate word count.  Something I haven’t done since I graduated college almost 2 years ago. 
I’m going to try my very very best to follow along with Jenni (who has an AMAZING blog by the way! And she’s from Texas too, holla!)  and try to “Blog Every Day in May.”

11 thoughts on “Every Day in May

  1. Nice to meet you! I'm here from the link-up 🙂 My best friends did the Disney College Program and now one of them is an imagineer there. It's a small worls! (oh man, no pun intended there, I promise!)


  2. Hi Kathleen!I found your blog through Jenni's linkup. I love that you did the Disney College Program and are working in Disney! How fun! A college friend of mine did the same thing and loved it. I was always jealous of all the pictures she posted in Disney. I loved your little bio – especially your bit about love. I'm not sure if I ever truly was in love, but just like you, I am confident it's out there .. somewhere .. and that it will definitely be magical. Thanks for sharing! I look forward to reading your responses for the rest of the prompts :)Jackie


  3. Loved this. Jealous that you do guest relations at Disney (my 250 word post mentions how I wanted to be a Disney Imagineer growing up). Also, afternoon tea is wonderful, I agree.


  4. After reading this, the first thing I wanted to say was Axe Em' Jacks! West Texas is so beautiful to me but I couldn't imagine living there.You rocked that Jack Dawson reference.


  5. Eeeek! I didn't know you did DCP too?! Which year did you do it? I did mine in Anaheim, Fall '08. Gosh I wanna go back & work for Disney so bad!! I'm considering applying for DCP again when apps are available again.


  6. You are seriously SO pretty!I'm like you, I blog when I want to… or when I have time. Which is not often these days it seems like, ha! I should probably join in on this challenge!That would be SO fun to work at Disney!


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