Y’all it’s already Friday!  How in the world is it already fixin to be the second week in February.  (Yes, I just said fixin, and I may not say it often on the blog, but I say it ALL THE TIME in real life.)

Anyway, since it’s fixin to be the second week in February, it means 3 things.  One, that I am 2 weeks from participating in my first 5K!  Two, I’m 3 weeks from living with Suzanne again for a whole month.  And three, I turn 25 in just a little under 6 weeks. Yikes. Still, lots of things to look forward too! Woo Hoo.

Today however I’m not gonna talk in depth about any of that.  I’m sticking with the my normal Friday and linking up with Lauren for High Five for Friday!

one.The benefit of waking up early. You get to have breakfast!

I got to meet one pretty popular little blogger, Jessica! 🙂  A full post is coming Monday but this is just a preview of some of the fun we had.  PS. Honey Boo Boo will play a significant part of Mondays post. 🙂

Another successful Target excursion was had this week!

Did y’all know that a football game was played during a Beyonce concert?  just kidding. This Super Bowl party with some great peeps was lots of fun!

Had a great mail day this week.  These little beauties came in!  Can’t wait to wear them with my new Target purchases! 🙂

Fridays are my favorite.  Which is weird considering I’m back at work on Fridays after having Wednesdays and Thursdays off.  Oh the life of working at Disney.
Hope you all have a great weekend, while I go start my work week! 

4 thoughts on “#H54F

  1. I want to steal your coral bubble necklace! So if it goes missing, you know who to blame ;)LOVVEE how we both lure people to come back Monday by talkin about Honey Boo Boo..hahaha YES.Love you.Love this.Have a damn good weekend!couldn't let my blog have all the spicy language ;)Talk to you this weekend, I'm sureee!


  2. Popping in from the H54F linkup! I agree, the super bowl was totally just a small part of a great Beyonce concert. 🙂 And I love my bubble necklaces and know you will just rock yours! TGIF!


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