The Magic Kingdom: Where Fantasy Reigns

Hello friends!And welcome to part two of my Disney Basics Series:

Today I’m going to give you a run down of the Magic Kingdom.  The musts sees, the restaurants, the characters, and the shows!
I LOVE the Magic Kingdom.  I think it’s because it’s just so wonderfully DISNEY!  Most of the attractions are replicas of attractions from Disneyland, which was Walt’s little brain child.  When you’re in the Magic Kingdom it’s almost as if Walt could be right there with you walking down Main Street USA.  And of course there’s Cinderella’s Castle, who doesn’t love castles! 🙂

Now here’s where I’m gonna break things down for you.
Here are the must see Disney attractions.  The ones you can’t miss and are truly DISNEY!Tomorrowland is the future.  Well it’s the future Walt Disney predicted.-Space Mountain-Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor-Carousel of ProgressFantasyland takes you to some of our favorite Disney movies.  -Peter Pans Flight-It’s a Small World-Under the Sea: Voyage of the Little Mermaid-Enchanted Tales with Belle-Seven Dwarfs Mine Train-Mickey PhilarMagic (My personal favorite!)-DumboLiberty Square celebrates America! -Hall of Presidents-The Haunted MansionFrontierland takes you to the old West.-Splash Mountain-Big Thunder MountainAdventureland reminds you that adventure is out there!-Pirates of the Caribbean-The Jungle Cruise-Enchanted Tiki Room 

Ok now it’s time to fill you in on something we all love to do.Eat!
There aren’t too many sit down restaurants in the Magic Kingdom.  We at Disney call them, Table Service restaurants because of our Disney Dining Plan.  The Disney Dining Plan is a fantastic option is you plan to stay in one of out Disney Resorts.  And it is based on the nights of your stay. We have two plans: The Basic and Deluxe Plans.The Basic Plan includes: 1 Quick Service meal, 1 Table Service meal, and a snack.  You can use them any time of day. For example: if you are going to be staying for 5 nights, you would get 5 Quick Service, 5 Table Service, and 5 Snacks per person staying in your room.
Deluxe Plan includes: 3 Table Service Meals per day and 1 snack.  The only way I would suggest this plan is if you plan to each at the restaurants that are considered “Signature Dining Location” as these restaurants take 2 Table Services meals from your plan.There are a few other options as far as Dining Plans go but the ones I mentioned are the most popular.  You can learn more about the plans on the Disney website.
Now here are the Restaurants you can find at the Magic Kingdom:  
Cinderella’s Royal Table:  Is a character dining location featuring our Disney Princesses.  Best part is you are actually eating in Cinderella’s Castle!  Woo HOO! Now this is the most popular restaurant on Disney property and I’m promise I’m not lying when I say that it books 6 months in advance.  So if you want to eat here book it EARLY!
The Crystal Palace: Is our other character dining location featuring Winnie the Pooh and Friends.  It’s a buffet and is pretty good.  I’ve eaten there a few times and had no complaints at all!
Tony’s Town Square:  This one is themed after the movie Lady and the Tramp.  It’s serves Italian food and is supposed to be the Tony’s from the movie.  
The Plaza Restaurant: Serves burgers, sandwiches, and salads.  The restaurant is themed after the rest of Main Street USA.  A picture perfect early 20th century small town!  
Liberty Tree Tavern: Takes you back to colonial America with American favorites!  Lunch has one of the best burgers in the US (just ask The Food Network) and dinner serves an all you care to eat, family style Thanksgiving dinner.
Be Our Guest: This is Disney newest restuarant.  It’s themed after the movie Beauty and the Beast.  And boy did our Disney Imagineers do a phenomenal job with the details! It seriously feels like you are in the movie with Belle and the Beast! At lunch it’s a quick service, meaning you can just walk up and at dinner it’s a table service.  
Now if you’re coming to Disney anytime soon, I would recommend just planning to have lunch here. Because they are currently booked through June. 
*There are a TON of quick services restaurants that have many different options.  If you’re interested in learning more about them, just let me know! 🙂Now that you know where to eat, lets talk about some famous people you might see!

I’m a huge fan of meeting the characters from my favorite Disney movies!  Especially the Disney Princesses.  There’s just something about meeting Disney Characters that takes you back to your childhood.  Trust me, you will giggle and turn into your 6 year old self when you’re face to face with your favorite!Here’s who you can meet:Mickey Mouse: Obviously! He’s the main cheese….. the big man! 🙂
Donald, Goofy, Minnie, and Daisy: They’re in the new Storybook Circus.
The Disney Princesses:  Cinderella, Princess Aurora, Belle, Ariel, Snow White, Merida, Tiana, Rapunzal, and everyone’s favorite Frozen sisters. All found in various locations throughout the park.Woody and Jesse: Frontierland
Buzz Lightyear: Tomorrowland
Aladdin, Jasmine and sometimes the Genie: Adventureland
And you never know who else! 🙂SHOWS and EXTRAS:Last but certainly not least is the things in between riding rides, meeting characters, and eating!// Festival of Fantasy parade happens everyday at 3:00pm.// The Main Street Electrical Parade, you can catch this every night, sometimes twice a night.// The Trolley Show takes place each hour in the morning.  They don’t have afternoon shows.  It’s a seasonal show, which means the show will change with the seasons.// Move It! Shake It! Dance and Play It! Street Party, is a mini parade that happens in the afternoon.  This too is put on multiple times each day.// Celebrate the Magic:  The coolest thing we have on property!  It’s a projection show that happens at night on Cinderella’s Castle.  // WISHES: Is our fireworks show that takes place every night! If you don’t shed at least one tear during this show, then you have no feelings.  It’s pretty magical! 
Now that you know what the Magic Kingdom has to offer I will tell you that you’re probably going to need 2 days to see everything.  
I’ll also tell you that the Magic Kingdom is the busiest of the 4 parks.  Thankfully Disney has created a way to alleviate some of the wait times in out parts.  That’s with Disney’s FastPass option.  FastPasses can now be reserved up to 30 days before your trip.  That’s if you’ve decided to be a guest in one of the Disney hotels.  If you are not staying in a Disney hotel, you can still reserve your FastPasses in advance once you have purchased your tickets.  
I HIGHLY recommend you download the My Disney Experience App to your phone a few days (if not weeks/months) before your trip.  Using this app you can do just about anything.  Reserve your FastPasses, make dining reservations, check ride and character meet and greet wait times, and even have access to maps of the park right on your phone.  
It will be one of your most valuable resources while your in the parks!  I promise! 🙂

So if you’re bringing small children prepare them to wait in line, prepare them for the crowds, and prepare them to have the time of their lives!

(If you have any Disney related questions please feel free to e-mail me! I will be happy to give you some tips and stuff for making your trip a little easier!  You can find my email address in the Contact Me tab!)

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  1. Can you please write a post about underground Disney? I have heard rumors about this alleged place, but I want to know if it really does exist and if I can like go on a tour of it or something 🙂


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