Mental Health Day

On Saturday I took a mental health day.I woke up 15 minutes before I was supposed to leave for work and realized I just did not have it in me to be my charming self while giving a Segway tour. Didn’t have it in me at all.And sometimes, you just need a day.  (Even though technically I had just had two glorious days off.  I needed a third.)On this glorious extra day off I had intended to just laze about the apartment and read.But I decided to see what movies were playing on my handy dandy AMC app.Lo and behold there were not one but TWO movies that I have been wanting to see.So I went to the movies.Alone.I’m a huge fan of seeing movies alone.  There’s no one else around me, I can see whatever I want, and just let myself get lost in the film. Now what two movies did I see?First, I saw The Impossible.

It follows the story of a family who was in Thailand during the 2004 tsunami.  It was heartbreaking, inspiring, touching, moving, terrifying, and I pretty much cried the whole film.Thankfully it has a happy ending, otherwise I probably would have had to go straight home after it was over.  The entire cast does a phenomenal job and I give mad props to Naomi Watts.  She was amazing.  I can totally understand why she’s been nominated for a Golden Globe and will most likely be nominated for an Oscar .Highly highly recommend this film.  Unless natural disasters are a big fear of yours, then I would skip it.Movie numero dos was, Hyde Park on Hudson.

This movie is about FDR right before WWII.  It follows the weekend he invited the King and Queen of England for a weekend visit to the States.  The main story line however is about an affair FDR had with his 5 or 6th cousin, Daisy.  (Apparently he had many affairs, which is something that I did NOT know before seeing the movie.)It was a very light film (especially considering what I had just seen) and was fun and easy to follow.  I’m a huge fan of the 1930s so I loved the clothes, cars and music that filled the screen.Bill Murray did an ok job portraying FDR, but I personally don’t think he was that convincing, especially looks wise.  Especially after having seen Lincoln!  Where Daniel Day Lewis looks creepily like the real Abraham Lincoln.Over all though I really enjoyed the movie.And if you’re a fan of FDR and the 1930s.  You should see this too.Mental health days are just the best!Hope each of you had a great weekend.PS.  Part 1 of my Disney series starts tomorrow! woo hoo!

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