Best Friend Reunion

Thursday and Friday were two of the best days I’ve had in a really long time.
We had a mini best friend reunion here at Disney and it was delightful!  Four of six best friends got together for one fun filled day of laughter, togetherness, matching shirts, about 300 pictures, dancing in Fantasyland, enjoying Christmas decorations, seeing celebrities, dawdling so it takes twice as long to get where we need to go, and did I mention laughter (cuz there was a lot of it)!
Seriously, when my friends and I get together we have the best time ever!
But hey, lets let pictures speak for themselves.

If we were still roommates this could be a Christmas card.

So could this.

Suzanne isn’t sitting next to Ariel cuz she hates meeting characters.
But hello it’s ARIEL!
The real life Ariel.

And if the four of us were still roommates, this would be mantle picture.
You know, for our mantle.
It was SO GOOD seeing this girl.
She’s one of my favorites.

While we were at Magic Kingdom, the Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade that is on ABC, on you guessed it, Christmas Day was being filmed.
Are any of your shocked to learn that it isn’t filmed live on Christmas day?
We saw Maria Mennunous and Samantha Brown.

We posed like the toy soldiers.

We took pictures in front of Cinderella’s Castle.
Yeah, we’re fun.
Oh and those are our heffalumps.

Had a blast in the New Fantasyland.

Rode Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

Walked around the World Showcase at Epcot!

And finally showed all the other guests that we’ve got….

Yeah my friends are the greatest. 
And sometimes I forget to thank God for giving me this life.
So God….

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