Smell the Roses

It’s Monday! 
Which is A-Ok with me because it means I’m one day closer to going home to Texas for 1 WHOLE WEEK! 
So today I’m doing another link up (lazy blogger much?) with one of my very favorite bloggers.
Every Monday, Jessica over at Lovely Little Things does a link up called Smell the Roses.
Each week she has little challenges that make you stop and Smell the Roses!
This week she asked us to watch our all time favorite movie.  
If you know me, you know that I love and adore movies, so it was really difficult to just pick one.
But I did it!
So here we have…..

Lovely Little Things
My all time favorite movie is :

I love everything about this movie.
All the story lines and how they intertwine in some way or another.  I have laughed, I’ve cried, I’ve been anxious….pretty sure I’ve felt every emotion ever (save for like scared) while watching this movie.
Plus it takes place at Christmas time! Who doesn’t love a Christmas movie.  (Yes I watch it even when it’s not Christmas)
Also it’s set in London.  Enough said.
Now let me share a few of my favorite scenes from the movie!

This is my favorite story line…..Natalie and the Prime Minister David! 🙂

He’s my second favorite story line.
Ah! I this movie makes me so happy.  
Thanks Jessica for such a fun topic this week! 🙂
Till tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Smell the Roses

  1. Ahh I'm so excited that you joined in this week :)Annnnd I keep hearing about this movie…but yet I still haven't seen it! Meg & Lindsay both have mentioned it to me before…I guess I need to get with the times, haha!Have a wonderful week, girl!xo


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