It’s Friday!

Wow another week is gone.
I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that is is fixin to be the second week of July!
Before you know it we’re all gonna be showing off our favorites for the fall.
But lets stick with the present shall we.
Time to share my 5 favorite things from this week:

one.Obviously seeing the sea turtles is number one on this list!To read all about my sea turtle adventure click here.

two.I got a new bed frame!!For the last year, yes 1 YEAR, my mattress has been sitting on the floor.With a box spring and the mattress.I finally got tired of it and decided to out my big girl panties on and buy a new frame.I got this one from IKEA and put it together with the help of my roomie Sara.

I think I need to take out the box spring though cuz I am super high up now.I’m pretty tall and when I sit on the bed my feet don’t touch the floor.

three.Suz drew a picture of me one night.  And I think it’s hilarious.Pretty accurate save for the big hair and red lips! 

four.I spent the first half of my 4th of July like this:

And the second at work getting yelled at because the Magic Kingdom had reached capacity and they weren’t letting any one in from about 7:25-8:40 and watching this happen:

We got to go out and watch the fireworks!  

You could feel the boom in your chest and it looked like the sky was having a seizure.

five.Yesterday, Suz and I went to Texas Roadhouse!Yes, I found one in the state of Florida.It was heavenly. (even though the waitress brought me Chicken Fried Chicken, rather than Chicken Fried Steak.)The sweet tea and the rolls totally made up for it.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend! 🙂

2 thoughts on “It’s Friday!

  1. oh my goodness. texas roadhouse rolls and sweet tea sound AMAZING right now. and i bet the Magic Kingdom fireworks show was unreal. Have a great weekend!


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