Scenes from the Weekend

Yet another weekend gone.And this weekend was superb, if I do say so myself!
Some newly engaged friends came into town for a wedding (not theirs obviously) and they were able to come to Orlando for 2 fun filled Disney days.
We hit up all 4 Disney parks in just 2 days.They left yesterday though so I’ve had 2 days to recharge my batteries.
So here are a few scenes from my weekend!
Friday: I had to work in the morning but I met up with everyone at Epcot afterwards:

We had a delicious dinner in Mexico.This is Carne Asada de Tampi…yeah I can’t remember the last word but it was a party in my mouth!

Then we headed home and attempted to watch The Muppets, but everyone passes out in the living room.

Saturday:We started the day at Hollywood Studios and finished up at Magic Kingdom.Actually we finished at our apartment with two 5 dollar Hot and Readys from Little Ceasars and watching Bridesmaids but whatev.

Sunday:Was a day to recharge the batteries.Slept in (until about 8:30, womp womp), ate leftover pizza, watched about 3 hours of Sex and the City, then finally got dressed and ran some errands.My roommate made this for a pre-dinner snack:

Baked Feta cheese with tomatoes and onions.Spread this on some french bread and it’s….
My uncle always says that it doesn’t look like I actually work. That I’m on a permanent vacation.And you know what?I am ok with that!
Till tomorrow! 🙂 Photobucket

7 thoughts on “Scenes from the Weekend

  1. That little snack that your rookie made sounds/looks SO GOOD! It makes my hear so happy to see how much you love Disney & how you never get tired of it…I'm living through youuuu so don't ever stop going hahaha!Happy Monday, beautiful :)xo


  2. oh, so much fun!! I'd love to just stop into Disney & hang out with friends :)glad you had a great weekend!{I have a giveaway going on right now & would love for you to come enter!}


  3. Realllllllyyy sometimes I see your disney pictures and dont even wanna click because I know ill be jealoussss! (but i always do cause you are GREAT!)Looks like you had such a great weekend! What a sweet time with friends! xo


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