On the Big Screen

Hello Hello!
Recently I’ve been on a movie kick.Which is not really all that shocking if you know me.I LOVE the movies.
And right now there a few that I am just dying to see!
So on this fine Tuesday, I’m going to share those films with you.

I am DYING to see this!Can it please be Feb 10th already?

Source: google.com via Jackie on Pinterest

This is the history nerd in me coming out.These guys were bad aces during WWII.I’m so glad their story is being told on the big screen!

Source: google.com via Chris on Pinterest

This looks amazing.I might be going to see this Wednesday afternoon!Plus it has been winning big this awards season.

Source: google.ca via Pascale on Pinterest

I will see pretty much ANYTHING with Katherine Heigl.

This looks like a major tear-jerker and I’m ready!

Again…the history nerd in me is coming out. This too looks like it will be great! 

PS. Ignore that June 2011 at the bottom.It’s coming out next week!No idea why that is there.

I know what you’re probably thinking.That is the most random assortment of movies EVER.Well it is.I love all kinds of movies and I will see just about everything.I don’t listen to critics at all.If I like it that is all that matters.And this is yet another reason why I would make some lucky guy a super great girlfriend. I would be willing to see whatever movie he wanted to see!Ha. Just kidding. But seriously.
Alrighty well I suppose this is where I leave you for now.Until tomorrow that is, when you get to see everything I’ve been drooling over on Pinterest this week!Get excited!I’ve got some good ones this week!


7 thoughts on “On the Big Screen

  1. I cant wait for The Vow (my boyfriend, on the other hand, CAN wait haha, but he doesn't have a choice). I wanted to see Extremely Loud, but it got HORRIBLE reviews this weekend and that bums me out. I might wait to watch that one at home. The Katherine Heigl movie looks pretty good 🙂


  2. I can't wait for the vow! Ah!My boyfriend and I were on the phone the other day and he was like, \”Have you seen the previews for The Vow?\” And for one split second I got exciting thinking that he was excited only to hear this response from him, \”It seriously looks like every other chick movie…51 dates or The Notebook or something. What a rip!\” Well guess I'l be seeing that one for a girls' night out ;)xo!


  3. the first time i saw a commercial for extremely loud, incredibly close i decided i had to see it! it looks like such a great movie but you're right about it looking like a tear jerker. you should do some movie reviews after you see them! 🙂


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