Love/Hate Relationship

I have a love/hate relationship with romantic comedies.
On Friday a group of my fellow Guest Relations girlies and I went to see:
When I first saw the previews I thought, “wow that looks stupid.”
Then I got invited to go see it and I thought why not.
I love the movies and needed the outing, so I went.
As I’m watching the movie (which I ended up really liking) I had several very contradictory thoughts going through my head:
-the plots of most of these movies are always things that would NEVER happen in real life.
-Chris Evans is too hot for his own good.
-Guys don’t ask girls on date anymore (at least not any of the guys I’ve encountered recently) like they do in Rom Coms.
-I wish my life was like a Rom Com.
– I don’t wish my life was like a Rom Com.
– Why do I put myself through movies like this?  I’m just gonna get sad and depressed afterwards.
-Chris Evans looks really good with no shirt on.
-I’m going to be alone forever.
-Rom Coms give me hope what love could (and maybe should) be like.
See told ya they were contradictory.
Anyway, I did end up really liking the movie.
Not an Oscar nominee or anything but still VERY entertaining.
Plus it has Chris Evans…he’s Captain America and VERY attractive! 🙂
I y’all had a wonderful weekend! 
I worked and then worked some more.
But Segway training is going FABULOUSLY!
By the end of today I officially be a Segway tour guide! YAY!
Happy Monday! 🙂

One thought on “Love/Hate Relationship

  1. i do want to go see that movie probably with girls though although im sure my husband isn't totally opposed to seeing it. congrats on being an official Segway tour guide that is really exciting!!


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