Fabulous Fall Day 3: Halloween

Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge

For day 3 of Neely and Amber’s super fun link up challenge we get to talk about:

This is so appropriate because last night I went to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party!
Yep, it’s a Halloween Party in September, complete with a parade AND fireworks. 
Now that is my kinda party!
 It is SUPER fun!
I’ll  post more pictures later but my group of friends and I went as campers and a lone camp counselor (yours truely) from the movie Heavyweights!  
We got these amazing “I’m Perkisizing” t-shirts.
(I actually didn’t get one cuz I was supposed to be working last night, thus why I was a camp counselor, but was able to get off early so I could go to the party! Woo HOO!)
But I did wear gym shorts, a tank, and a work out type jacket with a pin that said “Perkis Power”
Please tell me that at least a few of you have seen the movie Heavyweights.
If not I will be very sad.
Because it is the best movie EVER! 
Anywho, on to the challenge!
My absolute favorite thing about Halloween is seeing all the creative things that other people come up with.
Example, two of my friends went as Bonnie and Andy from Toy Story 3.
They looked JUST like them and were a HIT!
(Totally wish I had actual pictures of them  to post but alas I do not.)
I’m gonna be totally honest though and admit that I can’t remember any fun Halloween stories to share. 
Seriously, I got nothin.

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