Fabulous Fall Day 2: Fall Clothes

Yay for being on Day 2 of Neely and Amber’s Fall Challenge!

Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge

Now I know today was supposed to be about Fall clothes, trends, and makeup but I have no idea what trends included and my makeup routine stays the same year round.
Yeah I’m boring.
But hey I know what looks good on my face and I am super fast at putting it all on.

However, fall clothes are some of my favorite clothes.
Therefore this entire post will be dedicated to all the fabulous Fall clothes I’ve seen on Pinterest.
I don’t own any of these clothes.

Sadly we don’t get much a “fall” here in Florida.
It’s hot as heck through like October and then all of a sudden it’s freezing at night.

So here are the clothes that I probably wont be wearing but will still have in my closet this fall!
Because like every other girl out there I love:
boots, skinny jeans, scarves, sweaters, and of course fall nail polish.

Source: glam.com via Kristi on Pinterest

I think there is a theme with all these outfits. Β 
They all have brown boots.
I don’t have brown boots.
I think not!
Brown boots will be purchased ASAP.
Ps. I’ve been listening to Christmas music while I’ve been writing this post.Β 
Too soon?
Yeah I don’t think so either! πŸ™‚

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