I’m Loving Oh How Pinteresting

It’s ok not to blog everyday right?
Cuz I’m in a blogging funk, ladies.  
I’ve realized coming up with interesting things to blog about it hard!
How do y’all do it?!
I think I just need to get out and start DOING stuff, then I’ll def have tons of fun things to blog about! 🙂
Done. I’m gonna do it.
Ok on to the good stuff.
It’s time for Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday, with Michelle from The Vintage Apple!

Source: None via Kathleen on Pinterest

Yay that was fun.

Ok now onto to a few things that I’m loving today with Jamie from This Kind of Love.

I’m loving that I’m having a great day off with my roommate Suzanne.
I’m loving that I’m auditioning to be a Segway Tour guide today..wish me luck.
I’m loving that I have a three day weekend.
I’m loving that I get to see my best friend Abby’s parents, Joan and Bill on Friday.
I’m loving that tomorrow I’m spending quality time with some of my GR friends.
I’m loving life.
Have a great day friends! 🙂

6 thoughts on “I’m Loving Oh How Pinteresting

  1. That JK Rowling quote is one of my very favorites! And my stepdad used to live in Texas and I could hardly believe the Coke thing. I thought that was so weird. hehe


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