What I’m Loving

Wednesday’s are so much fun because there are two great link up parties that we can take part in!
Isn’t blogging just so much fun.
Yes, yes it is.
So here we go, link party numero dos with Jamie from This Kind of Love :
I’m loving that I am off work before the sun goes down and have time to make a proper dinner.
I’m loving that it is almost September, which means it is almost Fall and almost time for ABC’s fall lineup of new shows.
I’m loving Milk Chocolate covered Almonds.
I’m loving the Bachelor Pad.
I’m loving that I will be getting a hair cut (and possibly highlight) in the coming weeks.
I’m loving that I’m thinking about having some type of giveaway when I reach 50 followers. 
(Never thought my blog would potentially have any more followers than just my real life friends. So THANK YOU!)
Hope all of you have many things you’re loving as well! 
Ta ta!

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