And so it begins!

Hello Blog World!

Get ready for the exciting adventures of Kathleen! 

Well at least I hope they will be exciting.  You’re probably wondering why I decided to start a blog.  Well, several of my friends (whom you will be hearing tons about throughout my time blog writing) have blogs and they have inspired me to create my own.  So what will I blog about you ask.  Well, I am 22 years old and a senior in college graduating in May and I have tons of exciting things ahead of me.  I will have a degree in History with a teaching certificate to teach grades 8-12.  I thought it would be fun to write about my time student teaching, the road to graduation, and all the other exciting events that are going to be going on in my life as they happen.  Along the way I’ll throw in random fun moments that happen and anything else that strikes my fancy.

So get ready to enter my crazy life as I enter what my friends and I like to call “big girl” world. 

Here are a few photos of the people in my life, so that when I mention a name, you have a face to put to it! (oh and not everyone I’ll be talking about is pictured here, but it’s only because I don’t have a picture that I really like of us, yet!)

This is me!

 Meet Jenny and Ashley

Meet Whitney, Kelly, Abby, Katie, and Suzanne

 These are the parentals

Meet Monica (she’s gonna hate this picture!)

And this is Drew, my brother!

Happy Friday Blog World!

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